Strategic Family Therapy

Sean Davis, Ph.D., LMFT

Participants will learn how to help individuals, couples and families overcome rigid, dysfunctional patterns of interaction using strategic family therapy. The emphasis will be on fundamental theoretical principles and practical application. Common couples dynamics will be discussed, with a specific focus on helping clients break self-destructive patterns.

Inner Child Healing & Spirituality/Group Therapy

Jay E. Oh, Ph.D.

The Inner Child Healing & Spirituality Group Therapy is the first step in reclaiming the “wounded inner child” within you, and grieving process, removing all internal obstacles, dancing freely, and understanding the root cause of suffering. This program integrates main methods of spiritual discipline and inner child therapy to provide participants with opportunities for healing childhood wounds and achieving wholistic growth. It promises to be a peak experience on the path to self-realization and leading a beautifully fulfilling life.

Solution Focused Therapy and Writing for Publication

Fred Piercy, Ph.D.

In Part 1 of his presentation, Dr. Piercy will introduce participants to the theory and practice of solution focused therapy with an emphasis on practical application. He will employ experiential learning activities that emphasize both mini-demonstrations and skill practice. In Part 2, Dr. Piercy will demystify writing for publication in the field of family therapy, with a focus on professional journal articles, but also books and publications for the general public. Again, he will involve the audience in a variety of ways. Through these presentations, participants will learn skills that they can directly and immediately apply in their own clinical work and professional lives.

Narrative Therapy Skills and Interventions

Nichole Hydaryacil, PsyD.

Participants will learn from systemic view of how to apply Narrative Theory and techniques. Participants will learn to apply Narrative therapy and techniques with individual, couples and families. Participation is highly encouraged as we will focus on live role plays demonstrating the work from a Narrative perspective.

SAFE Conversation Training

Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.
Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D.

Safe Conversations is a new way of talking without criticizing, listening without judgment and connecting beyond differences. This cutting-edge relational methodology transforms polarization into connecting, relaxed joyfulness and full aliveness. Participants will learn and practice the Safe Conversation process.

Essential Sex and Relationship Therapy:
The Eco-Sexual Approach in Practice

Stephanie Buehler, PsyD.

Based on the work of Uri Bronfenbrenner, the Eco-Sexual model helps the clinician to both assess and treat couples with common sexual concerns. In addition to learning how to conduct an Eco-Sexual interview, participants will be able to assist couples with communication about sex and instruct them in practical exercises such as sensate focus. Questions are definitely encouraged so come with an open mind and curiosity!

Children, Adolescent, and Family Therapy Intervention

Deanna Linville, Ph.D.

In this two-day workshop, clinical participants will learn about core therapy skills for working with children, adolescents, and their families. Through didactic instruction, discussion-based and experiential activities, participants will learn about systemic approaches for therapy with youth and families. Dr. Deanna Linville will identify and demonstrate strategies for engagement of youth and parents. Collaborative Problem Solving, Emotion Coaching, and behavioral therapy models will be covered. Participants will have the opportunity to critically think about how their own experiences within families may affect how they approach their work with children and families, and strategies for handling counter transference. Ethical considerations for clinical research with children, adolescents and families will also be discussed. A few examples from Deanna's work with clients and research studies will be used to illuminate key concepts.